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Engraving F.A.Q.

  1. What type of engraving do you perform? All of our engraving is done with laser engraving machines. On stainless steel and other metals we use a metallurgical frit which produces a jet black engraving which can not be removed except by sanding and grinding. On product such as wood and leather, the laser burns away the surface material to produce the image. We can use color infills for special effect after the lasering.
  2. Can you do team logos or Disney charachters?  Unfortunately, we can not engrave any images that are copyright material without the agreement and legal waiver of the copyright owner.
  3. Can you do photographs? Yes- we translate photos in to a halftone image (just like a newspaper photo). We will also crop the image to your requirements.
  4. How do I get a project started? Simply e-mail us ( with your thoughts and we will prepare a draft for your review and approval or modification. You can do this either before or after ordering.
  5. What do your prices include?  We include a standard engraving in the normal retail price. Standard engraving is a text or graphic that typically does not include any photoshop or photograph conversions. For large presentation images, such as a major inscription for a cooking competition award on the bottom of a fry pan, we would quote based on the estimated laser time and difficulty of converting the image for engraving.
  6. How big are the images? The standard engraved field on the side of cookware is typically a maximum of two inches wide and deep. Fry pans and sautes will be half the depth due to the limited size of the pan. Images can also be placed on the bottom for when the pans are hung from a rack. The image can be in the center or just under the handle location. On non-cookware, the images will be approximately as shown in the product photograph.
  7. Will the images on the side or bottom of the pan fade or wear?  Laser engraving permanently modifies the surface of the metal. If a pan is used with the image against a gas hob or a spiral electric radiant element, the image will be subject to the same amount of scuffing and scratching as you would experience on the bottom of the pan in normal daily usage. We have taken orbital sanders to the bottom of these pieces and have only removed the image after a considerable amount of the parent metal has been removed. We have been using cookware since 2003 with side engraving which still looks new!
  8. What about Returns?  The warranty from All-Clad applies and this can be seen at the All-Clad site In the event of a product complaint, we would issue a RMA (return material authorization) and you will receive a credit upon our receipt of the piece. We take great care to ensure that the images that you want are engraved on your cookware and that is why we require a confirmation from you before we mark the pieces that you order. Laser engraving is permanent and we can not accept returns based on the engraving process unless it is our mistake. If we do make a mistake in the engraving, you will receive a replacement.
  9. Why don't you have the full range of All-Clad on your site?  There are several reasons for this: We can not laser engrave bare aluminum or copper. This therefore precludes the use of Master Chef. Some pieces do not lend themselves to be engraved because they do not have cylindrical walls. The Petite Braiser would be a good example of this. If you want a piece of All-Clad which is not on our listings, please e-mail us. We can procure any such pieces very easily since we are located only five miles from the All-Clad factory in Canonsburg.
  10. How can I get an image to you for engraving?   If you scan the image please set your scanner at 300 dpi. Save the image as a JPEG or pdf file. This will make sure that the image is small enough to send to use through e-mail. You can also send an image to us through the mail (3515 Washington Road, Suite 512, McMurray PA 15317). You can also e-mail an image direct to us from your PC or phone.
  11. What is the lead time before shipment? Obviously, we can not produce a custom piece with a next day delivery. The actual shipment date will depend upon which part of the week we receive your order - but will not be more than two weeks from the placement of the order. If we are out of stock of your particular item, you will be immediately notified.


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